Our Services 

........are derived from the Ntumba’s technical competencies. These competencies are derived from the company’s management competencies. This philosophy ensures that Ntumba offers its clients the best quality service it can provide. However, our overriding principle in offering clients service is maintaining objectivity and integrity.
With a wide portfolio of clients, we offer them a comprehensive diagnosis and earmark predicaments they may encounter; the result of which is a thorough analysis of the company. Subsequently, we offer solutions based on our pivotal services namely 

Financial Management.
Business consulting.
Strategic Business Planning And Advisory Services. 
Information Technology Governance.
Physical Asset Management.



We undertake the complete process of identifying, recording, classifying, summarizing, reporting, interpreting and analyzing the financial information in your business, systematically keeping the records of the accounts of your business/organization and preparation of financial statements at the end of the financial year.

A director or consultant, will review your financial information and provide relevant reports to help you run your business. This information may be provided by our local bookkeeping service or form records you maintain yourself. The cost of this expertise would be a small fraction of the true cost of employing somebody of equal experience.

The cost of this expertise would be a small fraction of the true cost of employing somebody of equal experience.

Range of Accounting Services to choose from includes:

Accounts Preparation, Bank Reconciliations, Budgeting and Cash flow.

Debtors (Sales) Ledger, General Ledger, Creditors Ledger.

Payroll Administration, PAYE, UIF, SDL and other statutory returns.

Electronic Transmission of Information, Management Information and Graphical Analysis of information.

VAT Returns and VAT Audits.


Our Audit Services include:

Statutory and Regulatory audits. We perform financial statements audits on clients that are required to file audited financial statements. Assurance on financial performance improvement of external financial reporting adapting of new regulatory requirements financial statements audit and agreed upon procedures. IFRS reporting helping on compliance with the regulations advise on controls and processing system weaknesses confirmation of accounting treatment. 

Business Consulting

Entrepreneurs devote each ounce of their vitality, a great deal of cash and time to get their existing or start-up business fully operational.
It’s regular for inside groups to miss certain issues in the organization in light of predisposition or excessively near issues and miss to get them. Associations can miss tending to basic issues that may adversely affect them now or later on. This clarifies why a new pair of eyes is expected to catch such issues, and this is the place our expertise in Business Consultancy comes in. Our Consulting Specialists are blessed with the bird of prey like eyes that can pinpoint issues in an existing or start-up business and rapidly suggest important countermeasures.


We have the skills, experience and knowledge to complete and submit your tax return Correctly the first time, which will avoid delays and ensure correct assessments. We deal with the South African Revenue Services on a daily basis, and keep abreast with the changes in Income Tax. We keep you in touch with the South African Revenue Services, which means more free time for yourself to do the things you do best. It is in your best interest to get professionals to complete and submit your income tax returns.

We can assist you in submitting your returns on time, as well as to structure your tax affairs in the most efficient manner allowable. We also provide an exceptional service in Alternate Dispute Resolution with the South African Revenue Service, in negotiating with the SARS and in settlement matters.

Strategic Business Planning And Advisory Services


A Strategic Business Plan is much more than a tool to obtain financing. If you still have all your plans and ideas locked up inside your head, preparing a strategic plan can help you clarify your company's direction. It can ensure that your key leaders are all on the same page, and keeps both management and staff focused on the tasks at hand.

A Strategic Plan is often needed when...

• Starting a new venture, product or service
• Expanding a current organization, product or service
• Buying a new business, product or service
• Turning around a declining business

The Strategic Plan provides a blueprint, describing your company, its products, the competitive environment, management team, financial health, and business risks.

Physical Asset Management

The Asset Accounting Service
Our unique Asset Accounting Service is based on a partnership model where both parties are bound by service level agreements in support of excellence in asset management. A team of Ntumba personnel (account managers, engineers, planners and schedulers) combined with the in-house team, take responsibility to plan and execute the agreed day-to-day Asset Accounting activities in the Asset Accounting Center (ACC). The methodology and best practices used in executing the service are packaged business processes and supporting software tools. All business processes are IFRS, IAS, GRAP aligned and also meet international asset management standards (e.g. ISO 55 000, SANS 55 000 etc.). Where clients have signed long term Asset Accounting contracts with Ntumba, they receive the added benefit of access to a pool of senior consultants that can deliver focussed improvement solutions.

Information Technology Governance

We employ Information Systems Audit and Control Association’s (ISACA) IT COBIT Governance Framework to bridge the gap between control requirements, technical issues and business risks. We develop and implement policies and good practice for IT control throughout an organization. We define and establish an IT framework for the governance of enterprise IT in alignment with the mission, vision and values of the organization. We develop and ensure that IT enables and supports the achievement of enterprise objectives through the integration and alignment of IT strategic plans with organizational strategic plans. We develop IT Capacity, policies and procedures that ensures that IT-enabled investments are managed to deliver optimized business benefits and that benefit realization outcome and performance measures are established, evaluated and progress is reported to key stakeholders. We ensure that an IT risk management framework exists to identify, analyse, mitigate, manage, monitor, and communicate IT-related business risk, and that the framework for IT risk management is in alignment with the enterprise risk management (ERM) framework. We ensure the optimization of IT resources including information, services, infrastructure and applications, and people, to support the achievement of enterprise objectives.

Effortless Payroll Processing

Whether you’re just starting out or have an established business, we can offer you the payroll solutions that meet your unique business requirements. Despite the size or complexity of your business, our comprehensive services and state of the art technology will help you manage your payroll processing and tax reporting that will facilitate processing, timely payment, and preparation of tax returns.


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