About Us

First, our solid background

Our firm was founded by Melusi Ntumba and Thula Ntumba with the desire to serve the extensive tax, auditing and accounting needs of both individuals and business owners.

Melusi Ntumba
Graduated from Wits University. Served his Articles with Auditing firm KPMG, qualified as a Chartered Accountant in February 2003. Founded Ntumba Incorporated in 2001.

Thula Ntumba
 A graduate scholar from Wits University with a Bachelor of Accountancy (B.Acc) degree in 2004. Served his articles at Pricewater house Coopers. Qualified as a Chartered Accountant in 2007, and joined Ntumba as a Partner in January 2008.

Since 2001, Ntumba & Associates Inc. has provided a comprehensive offering of wealth management, tax, and accounting services to clients throughout Gauteng, and the rest of the country in general. The Company core business is Chartered Accountancy. 

While our team has grown and our services have expanded to include Information Systems, our mission has remained the same. We seek to provide accurate, useful information to our clients regarding their current financial situation, which will enable them to react to current business and personal needs while planning for future growth and requirements. Today, we offer in-depth services, from retirement and estate planning to bookkeeping and SARS representation. 

Our team will always consist of talented professionals dedicated to providing quality services to our clients.

Our services are derived from the Ntumba’s technical competencies. These competencies are derived from the company’s management competencies. This philosophy ensures that Ntumba offers its clients the best quality service it can provide. However, our overriding principle in offering clients service is maintaining objectivity and integrity.

Key Principles

In all that we do, we are dedicated to upholding our key principles:

We provide our clients with their taxes and financial data in a timely and comprehensive manner.
We tailor our services to our clients’ individual needs.
We communicate with our clients frequently to foster a better understanding of both the clients’ expectations and needs.
We are here to help our clients implement solutions to their problems by providing the information, tools, and technology needed.
We are proactive in informing our clients of changing regulations and tax laws, allowing them to best anticipate the effects these changes will have on their bottom line.
We protect the confidentiality of our client’s financial information.

Our team consists of highly trained professionals and competent members that adhere to principles of IAS requirements:

• Integrity.

• Objectivity.

• Independence.

• Professional competence and due care.

• Confidentiality.

• Professional behaviour.

• Technical standards.

• Our audit methodology is a top down risk-based approach.

In a nutshell...

With a wide portfolio of clients, we offer them a comprehensive diagnosis and earmark predicaments they may encounter; the result of which is a thorough analysis of the company. Subsequently, we offer solutions based on our pivotal services:-
• Auditing.
• Accounting.
• Financial Management.
• Business consulting.
• Tax
• Strategic Business Planning And
Advisory Services.
• Information Technology Governance.
• Physical Asset Management.


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